torstai 4. syyskuuta 2008

Slot car racing

Today i constructed a huge Scalextrix track at our gentlemen's club. We have 2 large boxes of track parts and some more. It was surprisingly fun. I've driven on a 8 slot track also at Nokian Renkaat, but it was nice to create own track. You can see about half of it in the photo - large part of it is behind the table.

There was some really fancy power segment (what ever it is called) which had a lcd screen and could count lap times and total time for number of laps. Unfortunately for some reason i got only one car to work with it. The system also allowed racers to change track on special railway switch like segment. We timed 15 laps with it and i got the best time \o/.

After that we decided to race with 2 cars and changed the 'power segment' to more traditional one and removed the track change switches. Racing was fun & furious although we had to count laps manually.

Some time i got feedback from IRC that i should mount a video camera to a car. Why not?
I taped my old good Z150 phone on a car and set it to record video.

Here's the result. Don't mind the crashes. Turn your monitor 90 degrees clockwise before watching.

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