sunnuntai 24. elokuuta 2008

Gliding at Teisko

Today was finally nice weather and i decided to go gliding at Teisko airfield. I got an
ASW-24 to fly and flew 1h 45 minuties in initially good but degrading weather.
Highlights of the flight were flying with a large flock of cranes and a hawk. Unfortunately i didn't have camera with me. Btw cranes fly inside clouds. I didn't know birds do that, but they rised into the cloud in thermals.

Ok back to subject. I logged the flight with Nokia N810 and Maemo Mapper software. Unfortunately N810's GPS sucks, and the track has some missing fixes.
I found nice service called EveryTrail which can display a GPX track on Google Maps.
It even integrates to Facebook.

Check it out:

I noticed that it's not a good idea to fly with motorcycling jacket on. Mine has so thick padding at elbows that i was unable to raise the landing gear in cramped cockpit.

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