torstai 23. huhtikuuta 2009

Velocity EP second flight

Today i got Velocity EP finally repaired and ready to fly. I installed the new electronics -

* CC Phoenix 45 ESC
* Ultrafly A/30/24 brushless motor
* AR6200 2.4GgHz receiver

- to the plane. My new shiny transmitter is Spektrum DX 7, which i got for discount as the shop didn't get DX6 in time. DX 7 is maybe a bit too high end for my use, but now i got it and it's really cool. Motor was compatible with Speed 400 and the mount didn't need modifications.

The flights went good. This time i didn't crash the plane and flew very carefully (no high speed passes or low level aerobatics). Performance is AWESOME. 5 seconds with full throttle and the plane is so high i don't want to get it higher. Normal aerobatics such as loops and rolls are possible with 50% throttle. Level flight requires about 30% throttle. Thrust/Weight ratio is about 1. And this is not a lightweight depron model. I flew about 30 minutes and didn't get the battery to run out. I had to quit, because it became dark and cold.

Velocity glides surprisingly well. I needed a few passes every time i tried to land it. Almost like Zagi 400. I don't think it can thermal though as it loses altitude rapidly when turning.

Sorry, no photos this time as i was flying alone.

Next time i'll try how fast it goes. My fear is that it might disintegrate mid-air. Let's see what happens.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Protip for landing: do a turn / turns to bleed E. At 0m AGL you'll notice you bled too much and the plane heads home in a bag :) Nah, seriously, the plane sounds like much fun!