sunnuntai 17. elokuuta 2008

Simpit building

I spent few hours on simpit v2 today. As a introduction, it is a home simulator cockpit, something better than just throttle, keyboard and stick. I'm using a 52" rear projection screen for out-of-window visual and a 15" TFT for instrument panel. The software i run is X-Plane 9. There are 2 pc's running the simulator - one "master" machine for oow visual and simulation, and one for instrument panel. There are panels with buttons & switches on both sides of instrument display.

Today i mounted the seat on old plastic box and modified the panel from old simpit to stand against the projection screen. Now it starts to look like it's going to be finished soon. I was so excited, that when i went upstairs to get joystick & pedals i forgot the keys to hobby room inside and locked myself outside.. I'll have to call the door opening service tomorrow, and pay 15€ for service >:-P

My old simpit (v1):

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