sunnuntai 22. helmikuuta 2009

Panel PC installed

Today i installed the panel PC into the simpit. It's a 2.4ghz pc with gf4600 gfx adapter. Just enough to run the panel. I upgraded both panel and master PC's to X-Plane 9.30 beta. X-Plane no longer syncs graphics settings from master pc automatically (thanks Austin!) so i can have detailed graphics on master pc and minimal outdoor on cockpit one.

Currently i have made only two full-screen panels optimized for separate cockpit/visual displays - ASK-21 glider and F-18. ASK is ugly and needs better gfx.. Also i want to do panels for 747 and C172 soon.

Cue the photos. The lighting conditions in simpit seem to be too difficult for my camera phone - sorry for the quality.


ASK-21 pilot's view

Panel PC on the left, visual pc on the right. The cabling is getting really messy - i'll do something about it after painting the parts.

KC-10 Tanker above the clouds on route from Tampere to Helsinki

Better picture of KC-10. Unfortunately i haven't made a full-screen cockpit for this yet, so it doesn't look realistic

Overview of the pit. Notice the black boards around the screen. They increase the immersion (= vis-sim jargon meaning feeling of being 'there') considerably as you can't see the room around you.

perjantai 6. helmikuuta 2009

Urban Blitz & OK's simpit

Finnish Virtual Pilots Association's winter convention 'Urban Blitz' has started. I'm naturally there with my pc and running Aces High 2 on Linux.

The legendary simpit builder Olli 'ok' Korhonen has his new simpit at the convention:

It features triple-head visual made with Kegetys's software and two graphics cards.

There's also custom pedals & stick. The controls are still unde work, but are still pretty impressive. Throttle is still missing. He's also flying AH2.

keskiviikko 4. helmikuuta 2009

Testing Maemo WordPy

If you can see this, it works.

Even editing works!

tiistai 3. helmikuuta 2009

Running sims in the pit

At last i actually ran sone sims in the pit. looks good so far.. sorry for poor photo quality, but it's hard to take good photos in this lighting with my cell phone :)

X-Plane 9

IL2 1946

I also ran AH2 quickly, but unfortunately it's not suitable for the simpit very well as it has no fullscreen view and it's not possible to view instruments on a second monitor.

Better mounting for the projector. Simple is good!

Side view with x-plane running.

Next task is to configure and install instrument panel PC. I already installed sound system - brand new Logitech speakers with subwoofer.