sunnuntai 22. helmikuuta 2009

Panel PC installed

Today i installed the panel PC into the simpit. It's a 2.4ghz pc with gf4600 gfx adapter. Just enough to run the panel. I upgraded both panel and master PC's to X-Plane 9.30 beta. X-Plane no longer syncs graphics settings from master pc automatically (thanks Austin!) so i can have detailed graphics on master pc and minimal outdoor on cockpit one.

Currently i have made only two full-screen panels optimized for separate cockpit/visual displays - ASK-21 glider and F-18. ASK is ugly and needs better gfx.. Also i want to do panels for 747 and C172 soon.

Cue the photos. The lighting conditions in simpit seem to be too difficult for my camera phone - sorry for the quality.


ASK-21 pilot's view

Panel PC on the left, visual pc on the right. The cabling is getting really messy - i'll do something about it after painting the parts.

KC-10 Tanker above the clouds on route from Tampere to Helsinki

Better picture of KC-10. Unfortunately i haven't made a full-screen cockpit for this yet, so it doesn't look realistic

Overview of the pit. Notice the black boards around the screen. They increase the immersion (= vis-sim jargon meaning feeling of being 'there') considerably as you can't see the room around you.

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